Surgical Microscope

Take a moment to look down at your fingers.

What incredible tools they are in our everyday lives. How lost we would be without them. We brush our teeth, write a letter, dial the telephone and eat a meal. All with our fingers. The microsurgeons at Cairns Hospital have asked for your help to buy a new surgical microscope for patients who need fine tissue repair, including on fingers.

The Zeiss OPMI PENTERO 800 surgical microscope is the latest technology. It will enable surgeons to see on a high definition screen, the tiniest of blood vessels, in fine detail. Of particular benefit, is the fact that when tissue is transplanted from one part of the body to another, surgeons can see whether the blood is flowing through it. This means they know before they finish an operation, if it will be a success.


This equipment costs $409,000 and we need your help to buy it.

Here at the Foundation, we believe that if we can buy this $409,000 piece of equipment, we will be the first hospital outside South East Queensland, to be home to one of the new microscopes.


This equipment will lead to less amputations and better hand function in patients having fingers replaced, repaired and reattached.
We are passionate about this region having the best equipment and the best medical outcomes for patients. Why shouldn't we have the same level of equipment and service as our city cousins?